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E100 … Essential Bible Verses

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PEANUT GALLERY: On 28 March (1st Monday of Easter), we will begin a new weekday format including “The Essential One-Hundred Bible Reading Plan.” On weekends, we will revert back to the lectionary readings that relate to Easter and then Pentecost. God willing, we will complete this new Bible Reading Plan in 20 weeks, on Sunday, 14 August.

e100 Colson

WHY THE CHANGE? The purpose is to give us an overview of God’s Word, both Old and New Testaments, without getting lost in the minutia. The E100 Reading Plan, designed by Scripture Union, is simple and achievable.

The Essential 100 (E100®) is a carefully selected list of short Bible passages — 50 from the Old Testament and 50 from the New Testament. Most are about 1-2 chapters in length, just the right amount for a busy person to read in a few minutes. The readings cover all major types of biblical…

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Who I’m Voting For.

Change starts with us

J.S. Park

I was asked about my politics. About who I’m voting for.

I don’t know who I’m voting for, but I know who I’m hoping for.

I’m hoping for a candidate who won’t use easy buzzwords and one-liners to pander to a party, who calls out who we should be, and calls us to who we could be.

I’m hoping for a candidate who actually cares, from-the-pit-of-their-stomach until their voice shakes, for black lives and cops’ lives, for teachers’ lives and adopted lives, for lives outside the four lines of a party line; for the least of these, for the working class and freshmen class and aristocrats, for shamed and blamed victims in universities; for the mentally ill, the fatherless, the lone veteran, and refugees; for majorities and minorities, those in Wall Street and on the streets, for those in need and those who lead, for the Constitution and spiritual liberties:…

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“Lord, Turn Our Whining Into Worship”– The Necessity Of Spiritual Regrouping* . . . .



It was a jolt to my system, the day I started to read James for the first time:

“Consider it pure joy my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds . . . . “

I say “started to read”, because I was so shocked and frightened by James’s instruction that, for months, I avoided going anywhere near his letter when I opened my Bible.  Looking back I can see where it was God’s mercy, giving me space before facing a life or death challenge that would change my perspective forever.

"Lord, turn my whining into worship . . . . " “Lord, turn my whining into worship . . . . ”

After that first encounter with James, life was going exceedingly well.  In fact, we were surprised and thrilled to announce to the world that we were expecting a third child that fall.  All appeared to be well until, at 25 weeks gestation, we faced the possibility of…

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Standing in the Light

In Him


        By Terri Pease


“In Him was Life and the Life was the

Light of men. That Life is in me. The

Life of God is in me. That Life is the

Light, it is the development of me.

It is developing my spirit. It is developing

my mentality. I have God in me. I have God’s

wisdom in me. I have God’s Life in me.

That Life of God in my spirit dominates me.

I purpose in my heart to walk in the

light of life.

While looking through some old study notes I came across this well-worn passage. I adopted these words into my daily prayer life many years ago after reading them in a testimony of a fella who was having trouble in school learning. I thought it was a pretty good confession. So much so that I also confessed these words over one…

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You’re not going back that way……

Oh the struggle of mental illness .. Please keep those struggling in prayer

Surviving The Switch


The struggle is real this time with Jake, I have to say that my heart is full of so many conflicts for him. The recent discovery that the life left behind is farther out of reach then he realized, working a job is harder than imagined before and normal takes some days can create the overwhelming feeling of how can I do this…….and my heart breaks not because I think he can’t accomplish these things oh on the contrary I know someday soon he will. It breaks because the peace and confidence that was once in my sons mind has been stolen from this last break and what remains is doubt anxiety and fear of never gaining it back. I just wish for one moment he could see himself though my eyes, but then again I am sure Jake wishes the entire world could see things though his eyes for…

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A little help goes a long way

Jake is my Grandson … He is 21 years old and was diagnosed with Bi Polar Schizophrenia Effective disorder … He had a major break lasting over a month .. Family and friends tried to get him help but without the words “I want to hurt myself or I want to hurt someone” Federal law prohibits authorities to place the person into custody … Some States take the mentally ill in jail … My daughter had to do the unimaginable .. She had to petition the Courts to pick up our grandson against his will … This process is the most horrific option when all else fails

Jake was in the hospital for three weeks and now is much better .. He is taking his meds … He is attending classes … He is making plans to start a new life while trying to understand a disorder no one really understands .. The family would appreciate any small measure of help for Jake but please keep him in your prayers for continued healing and the strength to carry on … God Bless

The Practice of the Presence of God

Free PDF book



This is a very good and very short book.  It is about one mans journey to spend a life totally devoted to staying in the presence of God even while dealing with life’s daily duties.

For the pdf version, click on the link below.  Be blessed.


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Simply Grace (The Entire Book)

Free EBook on Grace … Thank you Patrick Hawthorne


option 4.1

Ahhhh….I finally figured out how to insert the entire book.  Please feel free to print, re-blog, or share with your friends.  Just click on the line below and it will take you to my book.  Be blessed

Simply Grace by Patrick Hawthorne

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The Book of Life

Your Name is wtitten


book of life

Let’s go back in time, you who are older; and let’s maybe see in the present, those who are younger. I want to help you grasp a great truth, whether by invading your memory or by stirring your present desires. I hope all who read this can understand first the emotional elation of being recognized, and secondly the overwhelming joy that could be yours.

Can you remember a time in your life when you anticipated your name being on a list or called out in front of a gathering? Maybe you waited for the teacher to read aloud the names that made the honor roll, maybe you rushed to the bulletin board to find your name on the list of those who were selected to be in the school play, maybe you waited in agony to see if your name would be called to receive an award, or maybe you…

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