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I am reading a book about praise. Praising God; no matter what happens in my life whether rain or sun, sleet or snow. I just read the chapter about God’s plan in my life. Knowing God, the Almighty, The Great I AM has a plan for little old me. I have a sense of purpose, direction, almost as if I am the blip on God’s mighty radar screen.

The author quoted Jack Hayford, a known Christian speaker and writer. Mr. Heyford said: (Worship will only make complete sense when we understand its place in God’s complete plan. He did not give worship as a test of the wills but as the source of our potential. He did not create man as a pawn or a plaything, but to become a partner in His highest purpose).

God does not play cat and mouse games with me. He doesn’t dangle a promise in front of me and then watch me scramble to catch up. He doesn’t play games. Period! He has a complete plan for my life and wants me to reach my potential. God wants me to be his partner in His plan to reach His highest purpose for my life.

How do I know God’s plan for me? How do I receive knowledge and then understanding? How do I see God’s radar screen? How can I be enlightened? Praise and Thankfulness! When I draw closer to God, when I dwell in His word, when I praise Him, even during tough times, when I tell God I trust Him, no matter what comes my way that’s when my life-blip shows up on God’s radar. Knowing God knows my life-plan and wants to share it with me, somehow, gives me a sense of peace. You know that feeling when you have a great stretch in the morning or that relaxed feeling after a shoulder rub or a dip in a cool pool on a hot day?

God has you on His radar screen too. He wants to spend time with you and wants to reveal His plans for your life. Come On! Take that leap and draw close! You’ll be on His radar screen. He’s waiting for you! Blip, Blip, Blip