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My son and daughter-in-law moved to Phoenix, AZ last winter. They are experiencing their first summer in Phoenix. Both of them lived in Las Vegas for years so they know hot summers. But this is the first summer they have experienced a Haboob! I kid you not! A Haboob is an intense sandstorm experienced around the World, mostly in the Sahara Desert but also in Arizona.

The Haboob is quite scary, almost like a mini-tornado. The air suddenly gets quite, everything gets dark and you don’t even hear birds. Sometimes you can see the storm approaching on the horizon and other times, the quiet is recognized and you run for anything and everything that might blow away. We had friends living in Phoenix and they had purchased an iron gazebo to place by their pool. Since the gazebo was wrought iron and weighed over 300 lbs, the family thought it would be safe. When the Haboob struck, our friends were stranded elsewhere in the city. After they got home, they were busy putting away their items when a neighbor knocked on their door. The neighbor said their gazebo was picked up by the winds, went over an eight foot block wall fence and landed in the neighbor’s pool.

Sound like the storms in our lives? Sometimes we can see the life-storm on the horizon and we brace ourselves. Other times our life-storms take us by surprise and our lives are blown upside down. But we don’t have to be surprised or scared by our life-storms. We don’t have to be stranded in the muck and mire of any situation. We can call out to our Father and He hears us. We don’t need to be picked up and displaced by our situation. We can land right in our Father’s pool of peace, floating around in tranquility, while we wait out the storm.

Psalm 34:4: I sought the LORD, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.