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I indeed baptize you with water . . but He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and fire.” Matthew 3:11
Have I ever come to a place in my experience where I can say – “I indeed – but He”? Until that moment does come, I will never know what the baptism of the Holy Ghost means. I indeed am at an end, I cannot do a thing: but He begins just there – He does the things no one else can ever do. Am I prepared for His coming? Jesus cannot come as long as there is anything in the way either of goodness or badness. When He comes am I prepared for Him to drag into the light every wrong thing I have done? It is just there that He comes. Wherever I know I am unclean, He will put His feet; wherever I think I am clean, He will withdraw them.
Repentance does not bring a sense of sin, but a sense of unutterable unworthiness. When I repent, I realize that I am utterly helpless; I know all through me that I am not worthy even to bear His shoes. Have I repented like that? Or is there a lingering suggestion of standing up for myself? The reason God cannot come into my life is because I am not through into repentance.
“He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and fire.” John does not speak of the baptism of the Holy Ghost as an experience, but as a work performed by Jesus Christ. “He shall baptize you.” The only conscious experience those who are baptized with the Holy Ghost ever have is a sense of absolute unworthiness.
I indeed was this and that; but He came, and a marvelous thing happened. Get to the margin where He does everything

Credit: My Utmost for His Highest website –Oswald Chambers

Oswald Chamber (1874-1917) was a minister and teacher. He wrote books and his teachings are widely known. May I recommend his website of daily writings (also a link on my blog)? His website is http://www.myutmost.org.

When I read Mr. Chambers question: Have I ever experienced – I indeed but He? I cannot do anything on my own but He begins there. He does things no one else can. He cannot come to me until I confess my wrongs. When I am unclean ( crying out – asking for forgiveness); He is with me. When I think I am clean (thinking too highly of my self); He withdraws.

Repentance means help-less-ness. I am not worthy to even lay at His feet let alone stand on my own feet. God cannot come into my life unless I am “during the course of”, “by the way of” and “in the midst of” repentance. The one, true experience I have being baptized by the Holy Spirit will always be a sense of unworthiness; in order to experience His worthiness.

I was “indeed” this and that. But when He came; marvelous things did happen; leading us to His salvation and giving us the gift of our eternity. Go to the margin, the boundary, the edge, and the borders where God IS. He does every thing in His Utmost; His Awe- Inspiring, Brilliant, Fantastic, and Fabulous Splendor.

Thank you Mr. Chambers for your Spirit-filled words touching us over a hundred years later. Thank you, Lord for leading me today and every day closer to You.