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We just returned from a trip to the Central Valley in California. Of course, we traveled upon several different highways. We always try to set the cruise control and let the van drive with a little help from the driver. First of all, your back and legs get stiff enough without adding extra stress trying to put your pedal to the metal. Secondly, we just don’t want any tickets to ruin our trip.

It amazes me, as we cruise along the by-ways, how many highways still have two lanes. I am not talking about small towns; we were cruising along major thorough-fares. Trucks with trailers slowed down traffic, allowing long, snaking lines of traffic to trudge behind them. Once cars saw the posted sign for a passing lane, you’d think the Daytona 500 was about to start. As soon as the passing lane sign was sighted, cars started inching their way closer to each other in anticipation. Ready – Set – PASS!

Those cars pass trucks and the slower vehicles quicker than the Hare passed the Tortoise.
Later, as we all pass the annoying trucks, along comes the sign for a Rest Stop. As you pass, if nature is not calling, you see the very same vehicles that earlier rushed to pass parked in the parking lot. A few more miles down the road, you see the Rest Stop vehicles passing and whizzing by you; once again.

Isn’t our faith walk like those two lane highways? Sometimes we are slogging alone the slow lane; feeling unworthy and unloved as we watch other pass us by. We think their faith is somehow better than ours because, in our perception they have greater faith.

But remember! God has a plan for our lives. He, alone, knows when we should slow down or speed up. God has given us a unique plan for our lives. We are the only traveler down our God-given road. Slow down when God need you to slow down and wait. Rev up your motor when God shows you the passing lane; that’s when God wants you to move. Watch for your own set of road signs because God has it all under control. He’s waiting at the end of your journey.

Jeremiah 2:25 (The Message): “Slow down. Take a deep breath. What’s the hurry? Why wear yourself out? Just what are you after anyway?

Amos 6:3 (The Message): Woe to you who are rushing headlong to disaster! Catastrophe is just around the corner! Woe to those who live in luxury and expect everyone else to serve them! Woe to those who live only for today, indifferent to the fate of others! Woe to the playboys, the playgirls, who think life is a party held just for them! Woe to those addicted to feeling good—life without pain! Those obsessed with looking good—life without wrinkles!

Proverbs 19:21 (The Message): We humans keep brainstorming options and plans, but God’s purpose prevails