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Do you ever watch a movie suddenly hearing a message spoken from one of the characters? It seems that one line jumps out at you and demands your attention. That’s exactly what happened to me the other day. I was watching one of the feel good movies and suddenly; there it was! You may ask what that particular spoken line could be, well, I will tell you!

“Hard Feelings? Feelings are tender; the minute they become hard, they really aren’t tender anymore.”

How many times have I spoken hard-feeling words? How many times have I disregarded someone else’s tender feelings and turned other-regard into self-regard?

You see, it doesn’t really matter what movie I was watching or who the actor or actress is that spoke the line. Feelings are what matters.

I need to cultivate tender-feeling words become more loving, caring, affectionate, fond, kind, gentle, warm, kind-hearted and compassionate.

When my feelings turn hard; listen to what I sow into others lives – their feelings become sensitive, sore, raw, painful, inflamed, bruised and aching.

Our words cannot become hard. Our hearts must stay tender. We cannot become the Wound in someone else’s life – become the Band-Aid.

Job: 5: 18: He wounds. But he also bandages up those he wounds. He harms. But his hands also heal those he harms.

Psalm 147: 3: He heals those who have broken hearts. He takes care of their wounds

1Peter 2:24: He himself carried our sins in his body on the cross. He did it so that we would die as far as sins are concerned. Then we would lead godly lives. His wounds have made you whole