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Hello! I have been nominated by Joshua at http://goldenbible.wordpress.com for (Drum-Roll) – The Kreativ Blogger Award
Thank you Joshua! I am honored! But here’s a shout out to YOU! I am so impressed by your insight!  I’ve enjoyed looking around your site. I am thrilled to find a thirteen year old-young man writing about God’s Word with such insight and maturity. God Bless your journey! I will check out your recommended sites.

Evidently I have a job to complete. Part of the Kreativ Blogger Award is to write about 10 things about Me. To complete the assignment, I must recommend six new blog sites I have “found”.

First – the me part:

1. I just celebrated my 60th (Really – it went fast)
2. I live in the desert – Las Vegas (No! we do not go to the Strip very often)
3. I have two grand-children (both boys) – recently they moved to WA and I miss them terribly
4. I love where I am “AT” in my life’s journey – although I still continue to learn as I go
5. I love sharing my journey and thoughts about my life path
6. I love reading and growing and learning from all the Christian Blog writers
7. I love Christian Rock Music – My current favorite is MOVE by Mercy Me
8. I love to laugh – great big belly – tears rolling down the eyes Laughter
9. I love to read – anything and everything even the back of cereal boxes
10 I love the friendships I am forming On-Line – I have been Blessed!

Here are my nominations for the new “Found” blogs
1. http://goldenbible.wordpress.com  – (can’t help it! I just found Joshua through finding me)
2. http://karenfosterministry.wordpress.com

3. http://devog.wordpress.com

4. http://erinstephens.wordpress.com

5. http://365daysofpraising.wordpress.com

6. http://rejectedstones.wordpress.com

Please look around these Blog Sites and enjoy the Praise being written for our Lord’s Glory