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Your children finally make it to Junior High. No more bottles. No more diapers or car seats. You have it made! SCREEEEACH! Walking into the assembly hall of the 7th grade Back to School Night, the Principal says “Welcome to the Year of the Mouth!” You mean it’s just starting over again? That’s when the realization hit – an alien had invaded my child. Once in a while during the next six years (junior high and high school) glimpses of my beloved child would come out and show their former self. Most of the time, I would see the alien.
Let’s see, the alien looked like a whirl-wind in my child’s room throwing famous tantrums or the alien with the multiple personalities, or the alien with the party persona and a few times, the glamour girl or the handsome prince.
Through the pre-teen and teenage years, money was an issue. For the girls in our life, dresses, shoes, coats, jewelry, boots and purses need to be purchased. Boys cost money too. Boys have a whole list of separate issues.
My husband and I put constraints on the kids and those constraints were not met with joy. We both worked; never paying full price for anything. Everything was bought on sale, even if it meant last year’s style. We lived in an upper middle class neighborhood and the kids never missed out on anything. They may have wanted but they never needed! We wanted to teach them to save and plan for their future. We always saved for the future and worked for the present.