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We worked hard. My husband worked 12-14 hours a day. I worked part-time in order to have a stable environment at home. We planned and saved for our retirement. We paid our bill’s, went to church, voted, with excellent FICO score’s we felt confident about the future. We were the average Americans.
We’ve raised our children. They graduated high school, finished schooling and started careers. We were blessed with two weddings, two grandchildren and two grand-dogs. God blessed us when he gave us our children. When we received grandchildren into our lives, joyous love flew to the next level.
Both grandchildren had medical issues, causing heavy financial burdens on their parents. How could we let our loved ones struggle when children were involved? We help out, knowing it may cause a burden to our finances. We helped with the expenses, because we love them, all of them.
The children, grandchildren and dogs moved into our house several times, struggling to get back on their feet. Four adults, two kids, 3 dogs (one is ours). At one time we had 6 adults, two kids and 3 dogs. Bedlam!
Although, the grandchildren had medical issues, we increasingly become a supplemental income for our children. Over the years, we helped pay mortgage payments, utility payments, cell phone bills, car payments, medical bills, homeowner’s association fees, clothing and schooling supplies for the grandchildren.
Our son has moved back in with us between careers. He got married this year. We were told not to expect any more grandchildren. Of course, this comment came from the son who said he would never get married.
Over the decades we have some how raised a generation of children dependent on their parents to help them pay their bills. No longer are they independent. They do not save. They spend every penny. When their paycheck is depleted, the bills cannot get paid. The grown children rely on same people they always depended on – their parents. Facing retirement, the only funds available will be the parent’s pension funds or 401’s. Adult children are tapping into their parent’s retirement funds. We hear them say, they have no savings. They cannot afford to put money into their own retirement accounts. We continue to pay out of love, while struggling with bitterness at this impossible situation.
I propose the only option left is to open: The Stupid Parent’s Trailer Park.