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Love and then marriage! Charlie and Susie married during college summer break. After they got married, Charlie continued with his college classes and Susie worked. Charlie and Susie lived a couple of apartments and then rented a small house in an older area of Fresno, CA. The house didn’t have hallways. It was a box! The living room opened into the kitchen, the kitchen opened into a small bedroom, the small bedroom opened into the bathroom, and the bathroom opened into the front bedroom, the front bedroom opened into the family room. The house had a picket fence around it; so cute!

Charlie and Susie next door neighbors were hippies. They had futons (when futons were weird and uncomfortable) and pillows strewn on the floor for extra seating. The neighbor’s wife marched to a different drummer. She never wore a bra and she sun-bathed nude. Susie had a feeling Charlie looked a couple of times but she never caught him looking over the fence.

Charlie and Susie got a puppy, a golden lab, named Muggsy Margolis. Do you remember the early 70’s comedy hour and the Chucky Margolis character? If you have ever had a lab puppy, you know they are very destructive. If you don’t know Labs; read on!

Susie thought it would be a great idea to plant a garden. Since Charlie loved tomatoes, they proceeded to plant 8 tomato plants. They planted, staked (with wire ties) and used bamboo stakes for support and placed plastic bags over the young plants to create a mini terrarium effect. Charlie put chicken wire across the area so their Lab would not dig.

But, not even cautious Charlie could anticipate Muggsy’s food ambition. A couple of weeks after planting, Susie came home from work to find piles of (how to say this nicely?) piles of dog-poo. The Poo had clear glistening bits. There were so many deposits, Susie panicked and quickly called Charlie.

When Charlie answered the phone, he was greeted with Susie’s strained voice, “Muggsy’s got cancer!” Charlie answered, “What in the heck are you talking about?”
Susie gave Charlie a short explanation. Charlie said, “Go out and see what’s in the piles.” Susie answered like any good wife would answer, “Are you kidding me? I’m not going out there.”

Charlie agreed to come home and check out the deposits. When Charlie arrived home, Susie was pulling him outside. They looked around the areas. Some of the glistening piles had plastic remnants while another pile has traces of wire and others had traces of wood slivers

Oh no! It dawned on Charlie and Susie; their beloved tomatoes! Their lovely eco-environment where they originally planted their garden so carefully was completely obliterated. Not even the chicken wire was left untouched. Charlie and Susie saw the body-slammed imprint of their naughty golden lab. The chicken wire gave up the suspect with its stamped impression – a little doggie body-print.

Nothing was left, not one bamboo stick, not the eight tomato plants even the eight wire ties or the eight plastic bags disappeared. Everything was gone, eaten and deposited in our yard during the course of one business day.

Looking back, this was a premonition. This should have given Charlie and Susie a clue about their future life. This is how your life will end up – piles of poo in the yard of life!

See how the life of Charlie and Susie unfolds and how they end up at the Stupid Parents Trailer Park out in the desert.