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Angela was one tough cookie, on the outside. Her tough exterior masked a heart of gold. Angela was always helping someone out during a tough time. She recently retired from a long-lasting career spanning over 40 years.

For the first time in Angela’s life, health issues were becoming a major problem. Angela did not like to ask – from anyone! As age and health became more of an issue in Angela’s life, she was beginning to realize she needed more help.

Angela had two boys and four grandchildren by an ex-daughter-in law. She helped her boys with schooling, cars and even housing. Of course, she helped her grandchildren, although the grandkids were seldom seen. Constant phone calls for help in one way or another became the norm.

Angela did not want to move back into the home she owned. Her son was now living in her home. He did not pay rent, because with a paid mortgage, Angela could not fathom charging her own family.

Angela’s stress relief was Elvis, with twice annual trips to Memphis for Elvis birthday and anniversary of death. Angela joined fan clubs and became a friend to some of the people in the fan club. She had Elvis wine, coffee cups, wine glasses, collector plates, CD’s, collector pictures, books and subscribed to Elvis radio.

Angela found out about SPTP through a friendship with Charlie and Susie. The trailer park was attractive to her for many reasons; companionship, independence and help around her own trailer.

When the day completed, you could always find Angela sitting on her patio chair listening to Elvis