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Sammy and Edna own the Tool Palace. Married over 45 years with two kids they never see and funding six grandchildren’s past, present and future. The kids did not call for money; they had the grandchildren make the call, pleading their cause.  The Tool Palace is in the middle of the Desert but everyone from hundreds of miles knows where the warehouse was located.

The Tool Palace has every tool, gadget and anything a man/woman could need.  Edna, Sammy’s wife, knows every nook and cranny of the palace. Sammy built a “plywood office” with plexiglass making the office a second story of the warehouse. Edna sits high above the huge warehouse over-seeing everything in the palace. She was the queen of her “world”.
If Sammy doesn’t know where a tool or a gadget was located, he yells to Edna. She screams the bin or the row where the item was contained. Sammy and Edna yell their names in double consonants! SAM-MEEE – ED-NAAA is constantly heard throughout the palace. Their voices could be heard without a microphone. The front door sign says the palace is open 365 days a year but everyone knows that Sammy’s is closed on holidays.
Sammy and Edna needed to live at SPTP. They had no savings, no retirement funds and the only saving grace for them is The Tool Palace. Retirement funds long since cashed helped with family needs; not Sammy and Edna’s needs, but the children and grandchildren’s list of needs. The list kept growing over the years, until Sammy and Edna were paying the basic necessities of three families.
The tenants at SPTP tried to convince Sammy and Edna to join their group. The couple could not or would not admit their decisions may lead to trailer living. It was bad enough they owned a business in the middle of the desert but the thought of living in a trailer was unacceptable.