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I hope you’ve enjoyed my little jaunt down memory lane and the writings about The Stupid Parents Trailer Park. The stories are half truth with a little fiction built-in. I don’t want to hurt any feelings but, then again, I entitled the stories “Stupid”.

The stories started out tongue in cheek. My husband and I continued helping out our grown children with many  “life” problems and then we had grand-children;  we helped out even more with money and time.

We struggled with loving our family members, wanting to help and the resentment the hit to our savings cost us. Oh, how we tried to smile and say we were helping out of love. Anger, bitterness and resentment would rear their ugly heads and off we went on a pity party.

So here we sit, with a trailer park of people with their own stories! I’m stuck – not knowing where to take this next step – with these odd-ball characters and their odd choice to live in the desert!

Any suggestions?