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There were two guys sitting in a bar. Sounds like the start of a bad joke, right? My grandson and I were watching a movie; one of those adventure movies with a good-guy comic strip hero comes to the rescue at the end.

The hero was bemoaning the fact he had lost his powers and made some terrible mistakes. The other guy says to the fallen hero “It’s not so bad knowing you don’t know all the answers!” “You start learning how to ask the right questions.”

How do you act when you’ve made a terrible mistake or just slipped up again? How do you react to those feelings? The Oops, I did it again kind of feeling?

Me? My gift is sarcasm! I can hurl an insult so fast it’s unbelievable – then I shake my head thinking “I did it again!” and “When will I learn to keep my mouth shut?”

I have tried so hard to stop these acts and reactions! I have prayed about it and I have written myself notes and I have scripture pasted on my mirror. Snide comments are my go-to.

Finally, the Lord and I had a good long talk. I was praying, again, about my shut the mouth condition. Now I do not hear the Lord’s voice but a thought immediately came to mind. My head and heart knew this was straight from the Lord.

He said, “My daughter, when are you going to stop relying on yourself. You can’t ever do this or anything on your own. Rely on Me. My Spirit will uplift you during these struggling times. I’ve got your hand – Reach Out to Me.”

Remember the two guys in the bar. It’s really OK when you don’t know all the answers. Start learning to ask the right questions and reach out to the all-knowing One.

Psalm 18: 16: (Wycliffe) He sent from the highest place, and took me; and he took me from many waters. (He reached down from the highest place, and took hold of me; yea, he took me out of the deep waters.)