There woes in the world of gardening. Maybe there are joys in gardening but I haven’t found my Zen. After spending five hours in the bright sun trimming bushes and pulling and spraying weeds, I now have allergies, burning calves, pulled hamstrings in both legs and a sore lower back

But weeds, weeds, I say, are my evil nemesis. And the weeds are mocking me! I drove to our friendly neighborhood everything store, browsed through the garden department, looked up and down for the weed and grass destroyer spray, read ingredients and compared prices. Everyone tells me Brand Off has the same ingredients as Up Round at lower prices. So I bought into their evil plot.

I carefully sprayed up and down my yard, being careful to drench every inch. I do not want to be out here again for another month. I do not want to see another green little goblin. I am sick and tired of their perky little green leaves springing to life; millions of them, before I even open my eyes the next day.

As I said, I carefully spayed the recommended spray in the recommended dosage. The manufacturer also stated we would not see results until forty eight hours. Do you know what I saw in forty eight hours? Flowering Weeds! Mocking Flowering Weeds!

Just wait, you mocking weeds, my runny nose, burning calves with my pulled hamstrings are going back to my friendly neighborhood everything store and I am getting the biggest container of Up Round, just wait!

Proverbs 24:31: thorns had come up everywhere, the ground was covered with weeds, and the stone wall was in ruins.