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When I reach heaven I want to sing in God’s choir because I sure can’t sing in the choir on earth. Oh, how I yearn to sing like Natalie G. or Francesca B! My voice wavers and quivers and ends up sounding like Donald D. with the goofy sailor hat. Quack!

Songs, specifically lyrics, have touched my soul since I was very young. I would drive my sister crazy, playing my forty-five records over and over in order to write the down the lyrics. Sometimes, I would get the lyrics wrong, for example, instead of a famous song in the 70’s about a Bad Moon Rising, I wrote “Yeah the Bathroom’s on the Right”. I never knew I had written the wrong lyrics until years later but I still sing it my way.

Unfortunately, I cannot sing so I wanted to write about songs and lyrics. There is a funny thing called copy-write infringement. Have you ever heard of this concept? I wanted to extract the best verses, words touching hearts and write my take on those beautiful words but those lyrics stay in the songs they sing.

Did I mention I want to be in God’s choir? I better start practicing. La! La! La! La! La La! La!