prayer request


I met Sandy, a Wal-Mart greeter, last year. At Christmas she shared with me the cross her family is bearing daily. Please pray for them.

Mom – Sandy (whom I met);     Son -Justin;     his wife – Alora;     Alora’s mom – Margaret.

Here’s the abbreviated story:

Alora is in stage 4 brain cancer. She is 22.  Her husband, Justin, is in the military stationed in Alaska. He asked for re-assignment closer to home. The Army reassigned him to Fort Benning, close to Atlanta, their home. But the unit the Army is transferring him to is slated to go to Afghanistan later this year. Justin can’t ask for a hardship discharge because he would lose insurance for Alora.

Alora has lost all her hair. She has severe and regular mood swings. She can’t drive. She can’t work, and her memory is failing.  Alora stays with her mom. Alora’s mom, a registered nurse…

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