Please read this beautiful testimony of how the Holy Spirit works in us

Holy Ghost Bumps

I closed my tear-streaked eyes and lifted my face to the Heavens.  In my mind’s eye, I could see Him.  He was bathed in white, a luminous glow surrounding Him.  His arms were outstretched, reaching for me.  I felt a peace emanating from Him, one that cannot be duplicated by anything or anyone on this Earth.  Though the tears flowed freely down my cheeks, they weren’t tears of pain or sorrow or anguish.  They instead possessed a healing quality born of something much deeper than my own body.  They came from the joy of  knowing my Lord.

When our pastor, Gregory, gave the invitation today, I knew before he ever made the call that I would be going up to the front of the church to pray.  His sermon was from Isaiah 61 and on beauty for ashes and the difference between happiness and joy.  If you’ve been reading the…

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