Last night I heard a quote on TV from one of those adventure type movies. The quote was: Take Control or Give Control?

Are you a control-type A-person? Do you want everything to go your way with your rules? Do you want your husband (or wife), your children, your co-workers and friends to see everything “Your” way?

The World according to You?

Guess what? It will never happen! No matter how many times you pout, how many times you yell or nag, or cry; your rules will be broken because everyone else has their own set of guidelines. Yes, rules can be healthy for an orderly life. We all need boundaries! We need to know when to open and shut our boundary doors.

Jesus is the only One we can give control of our life. Let Him take control! Throw out your rule-book and open the door to un-limit-less possibilities.

Ecclesiastes (9:11) Here’s something else I’ve seen on this earth. Races aren’t always won by those who run fast. Battles aren’t always won by those who are strong. Wise people don’t always have plenty of food. Clever people aren’t always wealthy. Those who have learned a lot aren’t always favored. God controls the timing of every event. He also controls how things turn out.