I’ve been reading The Power of a Praying Woman by Stormie Omartian. Stormie has some thought-provoking insights on Forgiveness.

On page 47, 48 and page 49 Stormie writes about forgiving your family; first! She says (and I quote) “It’s very easy to have un-forgiveness toward family members because they are with us the most, know us the best, and can hurt us the deepest. But for those very same reasons, un-forgiveness toward one of them will bring the greatest devastation in our lives. That’s why un-forgiveness must start at home.”

“Just because we confess our un-forgiveness towards someone one day doesn’t mean we won’t have un-forgiveness in us the next. That’s why un-forgiveness is a choice we must make every day. We choose to forgive whether we feel like it or not. It’s a decision, not a feeling. If we wait for good feelings, we could end up waiting a lifetime. If we have any bitterness or un-forgiveness, it’s always our fault for not choosing to let it go. It’s our responsibility to confess it to God and ask Him to help us forgive and move on with our lives.”

“Forgiveness is never easy. But sometimes it feels down-right impossible in light of the devastating and horrendous pain we have suffered. If you have a hard time forgiving someone, ask God to help you. If you can think of someone whom you find it hard to forgive, ask God to give you a heart of forgiveness for them. Pray for them in all the ways you can think of to pray. It’s amazing how God softens our hearts when we pray for people. Our anger, resentment and hurt turns into love.”

“Don’t worry, however. When we forgive someone, it doesn’t make them right or justify what they have done. It releases them into God’s hands so He can deal with them. Forgiveness sets us free from the person we forgave and continue to forgive and it sets us free to move into all God has for us. Our forgiving someone doesn’t depend on them admitting guilt or apologizing.”

Start today – Pray – Forgive – Continue to forgive – Let God soften your Heart.