Last night we watched a new premium channel TV series about a National News anchor, his team and the story behind the news. We currently have a 3 month free subscription to the premium channels. Honestly, most of the premium TV series are about sex, drugs and people conveniently forgetting their morals.

I’ve only seen the first episode of this new series but I really like the National News Boss. (I forget his title in the series) The Boss was talking to the anchor after the man repeatedly threw some tantrums. The Boss was talking about the how the nightly news was respected in the past and how the anchors of those news shows were also respected. The Boss talked about how in years past there was an atmosphere of integrity in reporting the news because: “We just decided to”.

Our Boss in Heaven talks about honesty, integrity and respect. Our Boss talks about respecting self and others, being honest and sincere and respecting the Boss above all else. While our Boss was on this Earth, He “decided to” walk in Truth and Light, He “decided to” be crucified for us and for all sin.

Our walk in this life is a decision

Our walk in faith is a decision

Our walk in honesty, integrity and respect is a decision

Our walk in Love for self and forgiving others is a decision

Our walk with the King of Kings is the biggest decision of all!

It will save your Eternal Life


John 3: 15 (NIV) that everyone who believes in him may have eternal life.