REST in the Lord

Jesus, Light of the World

24 ‘May the Lord bless you
and protect you.
25 May the Lord smile on you
and be gracious to you.
26 May the Lord show you his favor
and give you his peace.’

Numbers 6:24-26 (NLT)

Sweet words of the Lord that ring in my ears and linger in my thoughts.
God is with me and His promises are too.
I pray to savor these times when He speaks to me.
All may be slowly passing but His word is alive forever.

His love is beautiful and His utterance meaningful.
I may learn and I may teach from His example.
My life is shaped in this way.
His will is for me to see His revealed character and harbor His spirit.
Others will see.

The Lord blesses and protects.
In my walk His blessings are small and hidden,
They are large and obvious.

His blessing upon me fuels my…

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