Please join in prayer for Syrian Believers

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September 5 | Syria – Many Syrians have left their homes as they cannot continue living there anymore. Most of them left because of the intermittent fighting; others left because they’ve been asked to get out as fast as possible. And then there are many people who have simply left because they don’t see any future in their old area. Please pray for this situation.

The civil war in Syria is on the TV news daily. Caught in the crossfire are approx 200,000 bekievers representing 10% of the population – see Wikipedia. Before the civil war, Christians were well integrated into Syrian society –

Christians (as well as the few remaining Jews in the country) engage in every aspect of Syrian life. Following in the traditions of Paul, who practiced his preaching and ministry in the marketplace, Syrian Christians are participants in the economy, the academic, scientific, engineering, arts…

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