Football is starting! My hubby loves college football. He prefers to watch the young talented players before the professional’s get a hold of them; before they start playing for money instead of school pride.

Back in the day, there was a penalty called Back-field in Motion. I loved that penalty!

I’d hear the referee call the penalty and I would sing “Backfield in Motion – I’m gonna have to penalize you – Whoo-OOO-OOO!

Backfield in Motion by Mel & Tim

I think Life is a lot like Football Game with bigger results.

Jesus Christ is out there on the front Line as our Quarterback. He falls back – arms ready to hand over the play to us. He’s the Captain of our Team.

Now here comes the Holy Spirit – the Offensive line. The Holy Spirit’s job is to defend our position on the Field.

We are the running backs. We run out into the World, waiting with arms out-stretched to receive the Game Ball from Jesus, receiving His instructions in our prayer-huddle. We know through our Faith in Him that He has the Ultimate Game Plan!

Gosh, we even have Cheer-Leaders – the angels give us a Cheer!

Our Father in Heaven – our Daddy – sits proudly in the stands watching the game of Life with Pride.

Sure, there are disappointments when we drop the ball or when we stumble on the field.

But when we catch that pass – when we get it right – Our Father jumps up and applauds! Good Job; Faithful Servant!

The Best Part of the Game is the knowledge that Jesus already took the Penalty for us.

Our Win is assured!