I saw an Obituary in the local paper. While scanning down the column I saw a picture of a woman named Grace. In the Obituary, the first line said: “Grace was one heck of a homemaker.”

The online dictionary calls a Homemaker: one who manages a household.

My thesaurus says a manager is a supervisor or an overseer.

I prefer to put some emphasis on the maker in Home-Maker.

Home-Maker’s build, put together and prepare a Home for their family.

Yes, they muddle through waking up all night with a newborn and toddlers tantrums. They cope with endless child stages and the kids fighting and the need to be everywhere at once. Home-Maker’s get through the teenage years watching the constant change in their beloved child.

But a Home-Maker keeps a secret deep in her heart. She knows through all the sleepless nights and the tantrums and the tears, her family is being built on love. She’s the family contractor, teacher and guidance counselor.  She prepares her family for the next steps in life, watching out for falls and stumbles and always there when they need helping hand.


Isn’t that what our Almighty Maker does for us?


Psalm 95:6 (AMP) O come, let us worship and bow down, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker [in reverent praise and supplication].