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Dried green paint

Dried green paint (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are going to paint the house! Yuck and Hooray!

We bought a foreclosed home, although in fairly good condition, the outside paint has been neglected. The paint is faded and peeling and just plain, ole tired!

So I gathered up some caulk, the caulking gun and some paint swatches. Hubby and I sanded and scraped off the peeling paint. We’ve pushed and cajoled the caulk into all of the surface cracks and crevices.

All this fixing up is hard work but it gives you time to think about life and enjoy the fall weather. As I was smearing some more caulk into an unyielding area, I thought about God’s process of “fixing us up”.

We come to Jesus like a worn, old foreclosed home. Jesus sands us down to the bare wood, primes and caulks any needed areas and repaints us. He restores us and makes us new again.

Through Jesus’ Grace we are renewed!

Jesus makes us new in order for His Grace to shine through us.

Yep, that’s quite a paint job!

PSALM 65: 9-13 (the Message)

Oh, visit the earth, ask her to join the dance! Deck her out in spring showers, fill the God-River with living water. Paint the wheat fields golden. Creation was made for this! Drench the plowed fields, soak the dirt clods With rainfall as harrow and rake bring her to blossom and fruit. Snow-crown the peaks with splendor, scatter rose petals down your paths, All through the wild meadows, rose petals. Set the hills to dancing, Dress the canyon walls with live sheep, a drape of flax across the valleys. Let them shout, and shout, and shout! Oh, oh, let them sing!