Book cover for "A Gift for Jesus"

Book cover for “A Gift for Jesus” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Linda Kruschke Blog wrote an article the other day about This is my Gif to My King

Here is an excerpt: So what then is my gift to my King? What can I give that is worthy of His glory? First of all I give my worship of Him simply for who He is and not for what He has or will do for me. I can give my time and myself. As I listened to the sermon this morning, though, it occurred to me that one of the greatest gifts I can give to Jesus is this blog. As I write to glorify His name and to share His mercy and love with others, I hope that this gift is pleasing to Him so that someday I will hear Him say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Matthew 25:21 (NIV). (credit to Linda Kruschke) 

Last week I wrote about Writer’s Cramp and struggling with my blog writing. I have prayed, questioned, wavered and wandered around and the idea of closing my blog or posting less days.

Isn’t it amazing how one sentence or paragraph or one teaching can change your train of thought; making those previous thought’s skid into submission.

Thank you, Linda because that’s exactly what happened when I read your last paragraph!

I know this may sound silly but I never thought about my writing as my Gift to My King!

I was led, sometimes in the middle of the night, to write for God’s Glory.

For Heavens Sake, my main goal was to chronicle my walk with the Lord.

But, my writing a GIFT to God? 

I, truly, never thought of the blog as my gift.

Psalm 76:11 (NRSV) Make vows to the LORD your God, and perform them; let all who are around him bring gifts to the one who is awesome    

Oh my awesome God, I bring my gift to you in hope this humble present will bring You glory. I lay my gift of worship at Your feet. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for Your gift of mercy.