Mea culpa is a Latin phrase that translates into English as “my mistake” or “my fault”. (credit to Wikipedia)

High sheeps

High sheeps (Photo credit: Bertoz)

My daily reading was John 21: 15-22 (NKJV).  Remember the story of Jesus and Peter where Jesus asks Peter, three times, about Peter’s love and feeding His sheep?

The first time Jesus asks about Peter’s love, Jesus says: “Feed my Lambs”. The second time, Jesus asks for confirmation of love, Jesus says: “Tend My sheep”. The last time, Jesus asks for love affirmation in saying: Feed My Sheep”.

We all know lambs are baby sheep and Jesus put the little ones first in this command to Peter (The Church). Jesus was concerned for the babies and children of His flock. We must nourish, nurture and support the children of our own little corner of our World. We must support, encourage and provide for the young in order to strengthen God’s future in the next.

The next command was to “Tend” to Jesus flock. Tending means to look after, care for and attend to His believers, whether new believers or the old, crusty believers; any member who may have lost their way.

Lastly, Jesus asked for “Feeding His Sheep”. We are charged to watch over, keep an eye on and cultivate all believers.

Jesus told Peter to follow HIM but Peter, still obstinate, asked about another. Why him and not others?

Jesus answered: “What is that to you? YOU follow ME! 

Our view of the World may be too big and too broad, sometimes, stopping us in our tracks and allowing us to do nothing.

We can start in our neighborhood, our street, our city, our county or state.

Tend, nourish, nurture, support, encourage, provide, watch over, cultivate.

Don’t live in a Mea Culpa frame of mind.

What is that to you?  

Find out by following the Leader.