My sister-in-law sent me an email about an interesting new way to garden. The title of the movie was called Back to Eden.

I loved the concept of gardening with God and in the most natural way possible! I wrote Mr. Paul Gautshi (he does not have internet access).

Low and Behold! I received a phone call yesterday from Mr. Paul. He wanted to encourage me and talk about God’s way of gardening.

In nature there is no roto-tilling, no toiling, no fertilizing. In the Book of Genesis, God created all fruit bearing trees and green plants and then He left them alone; to grow and live in the Nature only He created.

When man came along and sinned, along came the curse of toiling the soil by the sweat of his brow.

As I spoke with Mr. Paul, he talked about how God is so great. Everything God does is good. The fruit and vegetable and the nuts were created for us to eat and be healthy. Its only when man becomes involved in their “Pride” that we start to see the ruin of our natural resources from forests to bare land.

God created the trees, fruit bearing and nut bearing and all green plants. Then He rested and left those plants and trees alone! He knew, in His Wisdom, that the land would have plenty of water and sometimes drought. But God created the plants and trees the capability of surviving every situation. God created the seasons in order to provide all of His plants and trees to fertilize and mulch themselves through the changing of those seasons.

We, humans, make gardening a toiling, back breaking load of work and we deplete all of the nutrients causing dry and barren lands. We created the type of soil that must be tilled every season with more and more mulch added but the soil is still depleted.

Mr. Gautschi says go out in Nature see how God intended the soil to be naturally composted through the falling of leaves and the natural mulch. Walk in the forest or out in the National Parks where no human plants, waters, fertilizes or tends the land. If humans aren’t involved, look and see how lush the soil on the ground can be with NO WORK!

Just as we were covered in Grace through Jesus dying on the Cross, our land can be Covered in God’s natural covering.

Mr. Gautschi recommends placing layers of damp newspaper (several layers thick) and adding rough chipped trees branches of all kinds. What’s the next step? Nothing, just wait for several weeks, use your rake to peel back the mulch down to the dirt, make a furrow and plant your seeds. Then replace the wood chips you just raked to the side and place the chips over your planted seeds.

God covers our hearts in His Healing Grace and He can cover our land.

Cover yourselves with God’s Healing Power – Inside and Outside

Genesis 1: 29 (NIV) Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.