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Story of the Day for Friday March 22, 2013


String Your Bow, Flash Your Sword,

and Give God the Credit

I will not trust in my bow, my sword will not bring me victory. 

But you have delivered us from our enemies; you put to shame our adversaries. 

We have made our boast in God all day long, and we will forever give thanks to your name. 

                                    Psalm 44:6-8

Warren Buffett, the financial investor with, like, a gazillion dollars, likes to tell the story about his daughter, Emily.  When she turned four, he threw a birthday party for her. One of the main attractions was Beemer the Clown.

Beemer held “the box of wonders” and asked Emily to come forward and wave a magic wand over the box.  He would toss green handkerchiefs into the box, and cover it.  Emily would wave the magic wand, and then Beemer…

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