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Story of the Day for Wednesday April 10, 2013


Pick Up the Bowling Ball

                    They will still bear fruit in their old age. 

                                            Psalm 92:14

Dale Davis grew up with a passion for bowling. As a youngster, he got a job setting up pins in a bowling alley. When he left the Navy after World War II, he won $2500 in a bowling tournament in California.

But, around the age of sixty-eight, he began losing his eyesight to macular degeneration. He is now legally blind, and has only slight peripheral vision out of his right eye. Dale’s blindness forced him to give up bowling.

He moved from California to his hometown of Alta, Iowa, where he lives with his sister. She assists him with his blindness, but doesn’t coddle him. She encouraged him to begin bowling again.

Dale can’t see the pins. He can’t see the bowling…

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