IMG 4662 - Birdie

IMG 4662 – Birdie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This spring a pair of birds set up housekeeping on top of one of our outdoor lights. We watched the progression from nest building to egg hatching.

Mom and Dad are very attentive parents. Mom stays in the nest while Dad forages. Then Mom trades places with Dad when it is his turn to egg-sit.

The babies have hatched and are ready to fly. Dad or Mom sit on the fence and chirp a beacon sounds until the babies fly back home to safety.

Soon the babies will fly away with Dad and Mom’s job completed. The bird couple taught their little ones everything they knew and showed the next generation how to care for their future chicks.

You too have been called by your Father. You have been watched over and you have been cradled.

The Almighty has taken you by the hand and kept you safe.

The Eternal One wants to be your Shinning Beacon.

Take FlightShine On!

Bye Bye Birdie

I wonder where God will take you! 

Isaiah 42:6 (VOICE) I am the Eternal One. By righteousness I have called you. I will take you by the hand and keep you safe. You are given as a covenant between Me and the people: a light for the nations, a shining beacon to the world.