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J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian

Anonymous asked:

– I feel like I’m on the point of breaking off completely from Christ already. I don’t know what part He plays in my life and as much as I know that faith isn’t just a ‘feeling’ thing, and that valleys are meant to shape us, I’m tired of being down and unimpressed by Christ. It’s like I’m waiting upon God to do something great in my life and woo me back. How do I believe Jesus truly want the best for me and that He is bringing me into my destiny? How do I believe, when I don’t believe?

(I made you anonymous just in case.)

Dear friend,

I appreciate your honesty very much. I believe you are much closer to the heart of God than you think, and you actually get it.

Please let me start with the hard news.

I could probably say a hundred…

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