Will we ever know which of our writings will touch others?

I don’t think so but I chronicle my journey with God and leave the rest to Him.

Here is a post I wrote (repost).

My search engine is always receiving requests for this particular one.

ABC AWARD or A to Z Praise Words (before I made the decision to have a Award Free Site)

I would like to thank Druscilla at http://drusillamott.wordpress.com for nominating me for the ABC Award. The requirements are to add the ABC Award logo to your site, pass it on to other bloggers, and then use the alphabet to make a list of words describing yourself so that your readers will learn more about you.

Druscilla added this post-script regarding the “rules” of the award by saying:  “I hope it is okay, but I am going to take full advantage of my creative license here. Because this site is solely here because of God’s grace and mercy, and because it is dedicated to Him, I am not going to describe myself. Instead, I am going to try to use the letters to describe my Lord and Savior”

I would also like to take creative license for the ABC Award. I want  to add a new category: A-Z Praise Words. I don’t think there are enough words ever invented to describe the Love of the God.

A: Adoration

B: Blessed

C: Confession (Yes, confession can be praise!)

D: Delight

E: Everything Experienced – You allow no suffering that is without purpose

F: Filled to the measure of the fullness of God

G: Glorious Riches

H: Holiness

I: Incline my Heart to your Testimonies

J: Jesus – Redeemer and King

K: Knowledge – not only receiving knowledge but understanding

L: Lord over Heaven and Earth

M: Majesty

N: No matter what happens in my life – I will sing praises to You

O: Oh, my soul! I bless the Lord with all that is within me

P: Purity – Precious Blood

Q: Quenched – kindle a fire within me that cannot be extinguished

R: Revelation – I can do nothing without claiming the name of our Lord Jesus

S: Surrender/Submit

T: Treasure House through out all generations

U: Unfailing and Unconditional Love

V: Verses – Living Word

W: Word – How wide and long and high and deep

X: Xanthicus (one of the twelve months in the Macedonian lunar calendar) – help me to Praise You every day of the year

Y: Youth-Full – help me to have child-like Full Faith

Z: Zeal – help me to praise you zealously – Forever and Ever – Amen