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PSALM 119: 159-160 (Message) Take note of how I love what You tell me; out of Your life of love, prolong my life. Your words all add up to the Sum total: TRUTH

SUM TOTAL means Whole – Entirety – Totality – GRAND TOTAL

I pray this blog of mine never comes off as a “pointing the finger” kind of writing. My prayer is whoever reads my BLOG will understand I am “stumbling” into the Grace I do not deserve. I want my writing to come across as my own journey of discovery and I pray earnestly that it does.

What will be the Grand Total of my life? My sum total will be: I TRIED

I tried to become the child of God wants me to be.

I tried to find God’s holy calling.

I tried to find God’s purpose for my life.

I tried to use the gifts and talents God placed within me.

I tried to learn and grow in His Word.

I tried to give God the glory while throwing my pride away – always failing – forever striving

I tried to remember I was predestined, according to His purpose and council while trusting in His Will.

I tried to live a life glorifying God and His Son, my Savior, Jesus Christ.

I tried to choose wisely.

I tried to use discernment and grab onto His strength; separating myself from evil influences.

I tried to cling to the power of Jesus so that Christ could live in my Heart.

I tried to be rooted, established in love in order to grasp how much Jesus loves me.

I tried to remember this love of Christ surpasses any earthly knowledge.

I tried to take hold of the over-flowing fullness of God’s love; if only I would accept it.

I tried to remember God’s love is immeasurable more than I could ever imagine.

I tried to remember His power is at work within me.

I tried to give Jesus all the Glory and will continue to try until my remaining breath

PSALM 130:7 You know the deepest recesses of my soul. I put my hope in You, for with You there is mercy and redemption.