Last week I posted I TRIED. I received a comment from Karen Foster @ Karen Foster Ministries. Her comment got me to thinking. Karen was right! I have spent a lot of time trying to earn.

Here’s what Karen said: Your post got me to thinking….In the past, I spent too much time trying, and not enough time resting in God’s love and grace. Tried to earn my salvation, and then God’s love. If we’re born again, then we are in Christ. We are a new creature. So “we are not sinners who struggle to be saintly. We are saints who struggle with sin.”

“Our Daily Bread” reading for April 5th gave me more food for thought. The reading was Matthew 20: 1-16, the story of the workers and the vineyard (complaints of unfair wages).

Phillip Yancey, who wrote the April 5th message in Our Daily Bread, ended with a prayer. Lord, I forget sometimes that my efforts cannot earn Your love or grace or forgiveness. You have lavished grace on me as a gift and not a wage. Thank you

My favorite Bible passage is Psalm 46:10 Be STILL and KNOW I am GOD.

So , my friends, my “DO-OVER”

PSALM 119: 159-160 (Message) Take note of how I love what You tell me; out of Your life of love, prolong my life. Your words all add up to the Sum total: TRUTH

SUM TOTAL means Whole – Entirety – Totality – GRAND TOTAL

I pray this blog of mine never comes off as a “pointing the finger” kind of writing. My prayer is whoever reads my BLOG will understand I am “stumbling” into the Grace I do not deserve. I want my writing to come across as my own journey of discovery and I pray earnestly that it does.

What will be the Grand Total of my life? My sum total will be:  QUIET MY SOUL

I quiet my soul knowing God wants me to be His child.

I quiet my soul knowing God called me to His Holy calling.

I quiet my soul resting in the knowledge God has a purpose for my life.

I quiet my soul as I use the gifts and talents God placed within me.

I quiet my soul as I learn and grow in Word of God.

I quiet my soul, throwing my pride away, giving Glory to my God.

I quiet my soul remembering I was predestined, according to His purpose and council while trusting in His Will.

I quiet my soul when glorifying God and His Son, my Savior, Jesus Christ.

I quiet my soul when I make wise choices.

I quiet my soul when I use discernment, grab onto His strength and separate myself from evil influences.

I quiet my soul clinging to the power of Jesus so that Christ could live in my Heart.

I quiet my soul as I stay rooted and established in Jesus love; grasping His unending Love.

I quiet my soul remembering the love of Christ surpasses any earthly knowledge.

I quiet my soul while taking hold of the over-flowing fullness of God’s love.

I quiet my soul remembering God’s love is immeasurable  and more than I could ever imagine.

I quiet my soul knowing His power is at work within me.

I quiet my soul when I give Jesus all the Glory.

I quiet my soul as I savor the Jesus gift of Mercy, Forgiveness and Salvation.

PSALM 130:7 You know the deepest recesses of my soul. I put my hope in You, for with You there is mercy and redemption.