Prayer for our Husbands

amazed by grace

 “As his wife, you have an authority in prayer for your husband that nobody else has.”

This awesome exhortation was spoken to me by a dear friend and mentor. She also encouraged me to use scripture to guide my prayers for him – to pray scriptures.

Praying scripture is powerful because I’m praying in complete confidence that it’s in accordance with His will.

That night I took one of these small spiral note pads and began writing out scriptures the Lord led me to be praying for him. I keep this in the front pocket of my Bible so I can add to it.

pray scripture

My goal is to get this out every morning and pray these scriptures over him. However, there have been times when I pull it out while the kids are eating lunch, or while I’m folding laundry, or brushing my teeth….really anytime works great!

I thought I…

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