hello, hello, hello! and away we go!

image Cuppycake taking my new “Principal’s Car” for a test drive! vroom-vroom!

today is an exciting day (yes, I know! Especially-a-dee, on this the 1st day of April, for all you pranksters out there!)

For me…I’ve dreamt of  a dreamy-dream where I have the opportunity to start my own school.  A fun school!  And I am THE principal!

Principal, of fun school! Is me.

Well…do dreams come true? Bippity-boppity-boo, eventually they do!

The wand’s been waved and school is about to be in session! (I salute you.)

“What isa fun school?” I know you might say.

It’s a place where the Peter Pan’s who’ve all grown up return to the never-never say never place, to play again.

Imagine this: A school open to all, no matter how tall, who embrace adventure and a moment of play. (As the days grow long and the…

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