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Story of the Day for Monday April 27, 2015

Breathing Holes

And Peter said to Jesus, “Rabbi, it’s good to be here. Let’s make three tents . . .

Mark 9:5

DSCN9966In October, 1988, an Alaskan Eskimo discovered three gray whales who were drowning. Surrounded by Arctic ice, the whales punched out a small breathing hole, but it was quickly icing over. The Eskimo returned with others who wielded chainsaws and pick axes to cut a series of holes in order to lead the whales back to open water.  The work was exhausting, but their story was picked up by the national news. Soon, oil companies and the military were donating equipment to help free Bonnet, Crossbeak, and Bone – the names given to the three whales. By creating a series of breathing holes, the rescue teams eventually led the whales to open water.

When we are overwhelmed by the…

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