Holy Spirit of God


There it sat; nestled peacefully between two beautifully wooded hills, the crystal blue lake sparkled in the late afternoon sun. It looked to be the most exquisite picture of clean water ever imagined.  The surface was perfectly smooth except for an occasional caress by the mid-April breeze.


“How splendid!” exclaimed the young girl standing behind me, peering upon her tiptoes and pulling on my shirt for leverage.

“It appears so” I answered, never taking my eyes from the vision of the blue sky and cumulus clouds that reflected from the surface of the lake.  It is simply too close to being utopian, I thought.  I reveled in the fact that the ripples never promulgated to the center of this lake; a strange perception haunted my spirit, that, instead of the breeze creating the ripples, the disturbances were somehow created from beneath the surface.  However, eye could not detect such a thing.  And…

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