Jake is my Grandson … He is 21 years old and was diagnosed with Bi Polar Schizophrenia Effective disorder … He had a major break lasting over a month .. Family and friends tried to get him help but without the words “I want to hurt myself or I want to hurt someone” Federal law prohibits authorities to place the person into custody … Some States take the mentally ill in jail … My daughter had to do the unimaginable .. She had to petition the Courts to pick up our grandson against his will … This process is the most horrific option when all else fails

Jake was in the hospital for three weeks and now is much better .. He is taking his meds … He is attending classes … He is making plans to start a new life while trying to understand a disorder no one really understands .. The family would appreciate any small measure of help for Jake but please keep him in your prayers for continued healing and the strength to carry on … God Bless