Open Church… Open Hearts



© Jeanne E Webster.  All Rights Reserved

Do you remember when ….

 . . .churches used to be open every day, all day, all night, holidays, and ordinary days?  Why?

People needed them, and not merely for Sunday services and perhaps Wednesday night prayer meetings and Bible study. A church was a sanctuary, a shelter from the storms of life, a sacred place where you could commune with God, a place to find peace and quiet.  What happened?

The privilege was abused?  Not safe?  People stole things?  People started fires to keep warm on cold days?  Babies were left on the front steps?  No one had time to supervise the activities?  Not one?  No one cared enough?  Is God still there?  Sure is.

Our needs are the same today as they were years ago.   People are looking for peace amid the bustles of the day. “Oh, I wish I could…

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